Fatcow Hosting Review

January 7, 2019

Ever since its inception in 1998 Fatcow has undergone many iteration in its attempts to customize its products and services to the needs and requirement of its clients; with over 800 servers housed in its Massachusetts data centers, Fatcow hosting has worked to craft a user friendly and considerably effective image within the eyes of its customers, proving an efficient hosting option for individuals and small businesses so much so that it has maintained a healthy position within the top ten best web hosting firms on the internet.

With its various unlimited features made available through its original fatcow shared hosting plan, these including FTP accounts, bandwidth and disk space, fatcow pricing has never been better, the fairly minute $6.99 monthly charge strengthened by the $3.15 monthly fee offered in many a fatcow promo.

As such, fatcow web hosting stands as a true leader in the web hosting arena, making available quality hosting services for some of the lowest prices on the market. For deals and coupons of Hostmonster hosting, check out this page.

Fatcow features-

  • Free site builder– the fatcow site builder is essential for users that are new to the world of web development, providing tools that will simplify the process of complex web designing to a few odd clicks; this not even taking into account the various design templates on offer.
  • Fatcow provides support for MySQL with regards to website database development and management, equally supportive of PHP5.
  • Green initiative– this is one reason attracting so many new users to fat cow, a hosting company that completely powers its many operations through wind power, making it that much more friendly to environmentally aware clients.
  • Installation are also greatly simplified with fatcow, the host making available installation wizards designed to reduce the installation process to a few clicks, this applicable to all facets of a hosting account, be it blogging software or forum applications.
  • Ecommerce– fatcow provides support for the efficient development and running of online stores, making available diverse shopping cart software, easing the creation of catalogs, providing coupons, and even a system though which one may integrate paypal payment options into their site.
  • Statistics– fatcow provides tools designed to collect data about a given website, statistics that can prove essential to a webmaster trying to optimize the awareness of his content on the internet.
  • More important to clients than any fatcow discount or fatcow coupon is the element of reliability, of which fatcow has proven itself to be one of the best in this field, not only providing regular backups but using load balancing platforms and backup generators to ensure uninterrupted multi gigabit connections. And this doesn’t even take into account the dedicated staff; which is standing by to not only monitor the available systems but is prepared to take action in the case of any negative occurrences.
  • Customer support is always available, easily accessible via phone for urgent issues and through email for the not so urgent matters. Self help tutorials and documents are also available online for those that wish to resolve their own problems. Whatever your problem, fatcow have designed their support mechanisms to ensure a timely resolution to all issues.

Conclusion– As many a fatcow hosting review will tell you, this is the perfect website for that startup company endowed with very little capital but which seeks to acquire top of the line hosting services.

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